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Feb – Mar 2022

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Meetup #2 — Dec. 9, 2021

Meetup #1 — Sept. 23, 2021


Are you interested in Sci-Hub? We’re interested in Sci-Hub!

We’re a group of people (not affiliated with Sci-Hub) that wants to talk about and exchange ideas and stories about the unique library.

We had our first meetup in September 2021 at Newspeak House, and it was great! You can find our discussion notes here.

PS. We do not support, endorse, or contribute in any way to illegal activities. Our interest to Sci-Hub is only from a societal and research point of view.

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Sci-Hub can be approached through many lenses

Practical. Making it easier to download articles, even when one has access through the official channels.

Essential. Without Sci-Hub lots of people (and especially those from poor countries/universities) would not be able to access a wide array papers.

Ethical. Neither does one want to be treated unfairly nor wrong someone else. Is it fair for Sci-Hub to exist?

Political. In addition to everything else, it was our societies’ laws that motivated Sci-Hub to come to existence.

Technical. How on earth does all this bandwidth demand from all over the world get covered?

Legal. What do copyright laws say and how are they defined?

Research. Does more people having access to research papers lead to science speeding up?

...and many more we haven’t thought yet.

If you have any thoughts or comments on the above, join us—we’d love to hear them.

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